FeelMorys frame

Our FeelMorys® Model has a unique sporty feel. Made of plastic, this frame is lightweight and stylish and can accommodate inner vision correction. The frame’s flexible temples can be adjusted to meet the customer’s preference. Various colors are available, and different colored parts can be combined in a single frame to create a one-of-a-kind style.
  • FeelMorys Red
    FeelMorys Red
  • FeelMorys White
    FeelMorys White
  • FeelMorys Orange
    FeelMorys Orange
  • FeelMorys Grey
    FeelMorys Grey
  • Temples


Mounting Options



Loupes Options

TTL X2.5, TTL X2.7, TTL X3.2

Flip-Up X2.5, Flip-Up X2.7, Flip-Up X3.2

Adjustable Features

Nosepad, Temples

Color Options

White, Orange, Grey, Red, Black

Color Options of Nosepad & Temples

Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, White