TTL5.5x Prisma Loupes

Admetec’s prismatic loupes are designed to provide an even greater magnification rate, while maintaining a relatively broad visual range and keeping the advantage of a lightweight model.


These loupes are best suited for healthcare specialists who perform high-precision surgical procedures. To optimize work conditions, we recommend pairing this model with Admetec’s LED headlight, for clear illumination and greater comfort.


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Examples of common technical parameters:

Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field
350mm 46mm 40mm
400mm 50mm 50mm
450mm 55mm 60mm

Magnification Power
- TTL 5.5x

- 58g (with Blues Frame)

Declination Angle
- Customized to each user

Loupes Package
- Head strap
- Personalized storage case
- Cleaning cloth
- Documentation

Frame Options
- Blues Frame
- Soul Frame
- Indie Frame
- Jazz Frame
- Morriz of Sweden