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Neutral Head Position

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the injuries and disorders affecting muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, or spinal disc. They are the most important work-related problems currently reported among dentists.
In standing and sitting positions, the average weight of an adult head is 4.5-5.4kg (9.9-11.9lb). However, when tilted, the load on the neck can reach up to 27kg (59.5lb). This can lead to premature wear and tear of intervertebral discs(1).
Furthermore, working long hours with an unnatural head position exerts extreme pressure on the entire spinal column, which can cause irreparable harm to health over time(1)​.
In the following diagram, Position 1 depicts the most natural and healthy head position. Conventional loupes do not facilitate working in this position. In practice, the most common position is somewhere between Positions 2 and 3, and might even reach 45 degrees, as shown on Position 4. ergo loupes encourage holding of the head in a neutral position during clinical work. Over time, use of ergo loupes intuitively and subconsciously trains clinicians to maintain correct head positioning and correct posture as depicted in Position 1.

Change Of Perspective.

ergo loupes are TTL (throw-the-lens) loupes that enable a real declination angle up to 80 degrees. Their high angle flexibility and low weight compensate for the head inclination and reduce the load on the cervical spine during long working hours.
Unlike conventional TTL magnifying glasses, ergo loupes help direct the eyes optimally. As illustrated in the diagram, the eye position when using ergo is more native. This increases the comfort of the clinician and reduces eye fatigue when undertaking long, complex surgical procedures.

We want to say thanks to our employees, partners, and doctors who helped us and took a part in this revolutionary product.

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