Well-being – for you and your patient

Ergonomics is a critical component linking optimal patient care to your personal health. It mitigates the risk of occupational chronic pain and prevents cumulative trauma, ultimately safeguarding both patient care excellence, and your own well-being.


The challenge:
Prolonged Patient Care

Your body wasn’t designed to bend over patients for hours on end.

Extended periods of bending over patients impose strain on the body, inducing micro-traumas to muscles, joints, and ligaments. These repetitive stresses surpass the body’s healing pace, potentially leading to cumulative trauma disorders like chronic back and neck pain, prematurely halting the careers of skilled practitioners.

Common approaches to alleviate pain focus on symptom management rather than addressing the root cause, resulting in temporary relief. The problem lies in working conditions that oppose the body’s natural biomechanics, causing discomfort that resurfaces upon returning to the same environment.

Ergonomics mitigates these issues.

The solution:
Ergonomic loupes

In response to the challenge of occupational chronic pain, Admetec prioritizes innovation by introducing ergonomic loupes. From its inception, our commitment has centered on crafting exceptionally lightweight and user-friendly solutions. We believe in intelligent designs that harmonize with the body’s biomechanics, ensuring minimal intrusion at maximum efficiency.

Improve your work, and your quality of life

The first truly ergonomic, custom-designed loupes that work with the body’s biomechanical design and not against it.

Admetec loupes promote a neutral, upright position, significantly mitigating back, neck, and eye strain. By reducing the risk of occupational chronic pain, they safeguard your career longevity and enable you to provide better care.

admetec loupes

Increasing recognition

Since their introduction in 2020, Admetec Ergo Loupes have spearheaded a new category in the field. Our pioneering experience has empowered us to expand and refine the industry’s most extensive range of ergonomic loupes, complemented by top-tier headlights tailored for various magnifications.

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