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Wireless Camera & Headlight for Loupes

Introducing Flamingo, a groundbreaking integration of Full HD camera and headlight specifically designed for loupes. Unlike other manufacturers who specialize in individual components, we produce all three essential categories—loupes, lights, and cameras, in-house, ensuring seamless integration.

Simplifying visual documentation in dental practice

Examining a patient’s oral cavity and conveying the findings can be complicated. Flamingo streamlines the process. Ensuring both visual clarity and functionality.

Easy Documentation

Simplifies live documentation during procedures, ensuring clear, instant visual sharing.

Teaching Tool

Serves as a dynamic teaching aid, allowing real-time demonstrations to colleagues and students, enhancing learning experiences.

Patient Confidence

Builds patient trust and positions your practice as a cutting-edge, tech-forward authority in dental care.

Flamingo key features

Lightweight (just 19 grams!)

Unrestricted movement with only one cable

Real-time video broadcast

Dedicated software for physicians

flamingo kit

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