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Wireless Camera & Headlight for Loupes

Introducing Flamingo™, a groundbreaking integration of Full HD camera and headlight specifically designed for loupes. Unlike other manufacturers who specialize in individual components, we produce all three essential categories—loupes, lights, and cameras, in-house, ensuring seamless integration.

Simplifying visual documentation in dental practice

Examining a patient’s oral cavity and conveying the findings can be complicated. Flamingo™ streamlines the process. Ensuring both visual clarity and functionality.

Easy Documentation

Simplifies live documentation during procedures, ensuring clear, instant visual sharing.

Teaching Tool

Serves as a dynamic teaching aid, allowing real-time demonstrations to colleagues and students, enhancing learning experiences.

Patient Confidence

Builds patient trust and positions your practice as a cutting-edge, tech-forward authority in dental care.

Ultra Lightwieght

Experience unparalleled comfort and ergonomic design and weighing a mere 19 grams, inclusive of both the camera and the light components.

Flamingo™ Specs

Unrestricted movement with only one cable

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