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Loupes and lights are two elements that make up a single solution and should be considered in conjunction, not as separate products. Matching the best light for your loupes is a key step in the customization process.

All our lights are of premium quality and designed to be ultra-lightweight while providing the illumination you need:

Tailored lights for enhanced vision

Admetec headlights complement our loupes with tailored illumination for various magnifications. Choose between our wired and wireless options or explore our integrated camera and headlight solution. Whatever your light preference, Adamatec has the answer. 

Butterfly™ EVO
Butterfly™ EVO | Butterfly-S™ EVO

Orchid™ | Orchid-F™ | Orchid-E™ | Orchid-S™

How to choose the best light for your loupes?

Your loupes and headlight are two parts of the same solution. Here are things to consider when determining which headlight to choose for your loupes.

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