Dr Tony Wong
Dentist from Auckland, New Zealand

I love the lightweight, ergonomic position, and clarity of my new 6x Ergo loupes. After an initial learning and adjustment process, I highly recommend making the switch to Ero loupes. The positioning of the Ergo loupes protects your neck and body from pain and injury while working and are a practice game-changer.



DVM Frank Peredo Arenas
Veterinarian in Lima, Peru

Like a veterinary neurosurgeon, I have a big responsibility to make successfully spinal and brain surgeries in dogs and cats. In response to the confidence of my patients, I choose Admetec Loupes and Orchid-S to ensure high quality in my surgical procedures.

Dr. Kai Xu
Head and Neck Surgeon from China.

I have used these Ergo Loupes for more than one month. They soon became my favorite loupes in surgeries. They are extremely light of weight, bright and clear. More importantly, I do not have to bend my neck during surgeries anymore. The magnification of Ergo 4.0 in 550mm is close to the magnification 2.5 of my traditional Galileo in 450mm, so I get used to them without much efforts. Wise investment of my 2021.

Dr. Yaniv Avner
Senior Pediatric Otolaryngologist from Israel

Ergo loupes enable me to retain an ergonomically healthy posture even in long surgeries – no more bending and straining my neck and upper back! The Butterfly headlight is lightweight and comfortable. It provides excellent lighting for many hours during operations without unnecessary wires or heavy batteries. Today I use my Ergo loupes with the Butterfly headlight for almost every surgery, from complex palate surgeries to routine surgeries such as tonsillectomy and adenoid surgeries.

Dr. Apar Lamichhane
Plastic Surgeon in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Your work is more fun!

When you have the best optics and wonderful ergonomic loupes, your work is more fun. Thank you Admetec!

RDH Ashlynn
South Carolina, USA

They’re light and comfortable on my face, save me so much neck and back strain, and it’s hilarious when my instructors walk by and can’t tell if I’m looking at them or my patient. Best. Loupes. EVER.

Dr. Chiara Ricceri
Dental Restoration Expert in Italy

I love my loupes, especially the Butterfly headlight, they are really improving my job! I really recommend the use of magnification in everyday practice to turn from a mediocre dentist into a great professionist.