Admetec Solutions Ltd. specializes in the development, production and marketing of professional medical equipment, with a special focus on dental and surgery optical tools. Admetec aspires to produce highest quality products in order to meet the growing, versatile and unique needs of the dentist community operating today.

From the beginning, Admetec has worked hand-in-hand with leading dentists to best understand and address the unique and challenging problems faced by the dentist community. By combining leading technologies and intimate partnership with customers, Admetec delivers solutions that are the most innovative and technically advanced on the market today.

Admetec offices and production facilities are located in Israel, where it has built an effective distribution system. Foreign customers are welcome to use our online ordering service to benefit from our first class products. We are also looking for
partners worldwide to establish distribution systems in other countries.

In addition to Admetec line of products, we are also open to take special orders and establish new production and marketing