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About us
About us
About us

Innovating The Future of Medical Equipment

Redefining the dentistry and medical world through state-of-the-art, ultra light-weight ergonomic loupes designed to prioritize the comfort and health of industry professionals.

Our Story

Established in 2006, Admetec embodies a forward-thinking approach, driven by creativity, dedication, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Today, our global network of partners brings Admetec products to practitioners in over 45 countries worldwide.  Our custom-designed products are setting technology standards and cementing our stature as a pioneering manufacturer in the industry.

Admetec is a team of design engineers, manufacturing specialists, and customer experience managers dedicated to creating solutions and solving problems for our customers. We are people who (whenever possible) say, “Yes.”




In-House Everything

We pride ourselves on a holistic approach. From optics to mechanics, electronics, and software, all housed under one roof, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our operation.  This unique ability enables an accelerated response rate in both product development and customer service.


We believe in a problem-solving approach. We offer a dedicated,versatile service that blends the strengths of a large global company with the personalized touch of a small business.


With almost two decades of expertise, all of our partners are highly trained to provide you with all the information you need when ‘making the leap to loupes’.

Our Technology

Admetec Loupes are a true gamechanger for the medical industry. Driven by the desire for optimal physician efficiency, each product is individually customized.
Today we have the largest portfolio of loupes & lights on the market and the most diverse ergonomic magnification options.



Designed per individual measurements and need.

Magnification Variety

Magnification Variety

Widest range of magnifications on the market.

Ultra LightWeight

Ultra LightWeight


Advanced Lighting Options

Advanced Lighting Options

Wireless, long lasting, lightweight.


Ergonomic for upright working posture.


Minimize back, neck, and eye strain.



Proven to provide better patient outcomes.

Procedure Recording Camera

Procedure Recording Camera

Full HD, Integrated headlight.

We’ve got your back.

We’ve got your back – and we mean it both figuratively and literally! Our aim is to cultivate enduring professional partnerships. When we say ‘we’ve got your back,’ it means not only providing just the right loupes, but also ensuring less back, neck, and eyestrain for you, all while building lasting relationships.

Vladimir Katz
Admetec CEO

Our Team

The Admetec team consists of experts dedicated to creating solutions and solving problems for our customers.

Danny Katz


Rita Katz

Head of Sales Israel

Eliad Nuriel

Distributors Manager

Ido Drory


Ido Barda

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Kfir Maymon

Electronics Engineer Manager

Irena Guber

Project Manager

Ekaterina Korsunskiy

Customer Experience Manager

Julia Klokov

Head of Lights Department

Vladimir Katz

CEO, Founder

Forest Rain Marcia

Brand Manager

Omri Azran

Marketing Operation Manager

Liliya Samoylov

Customer Service Israel

Yulia Gurevich

Customer Service Israel

Luciana Maloberti

Online Customer Service

Marina Solobcovich

Head of Customer Experience

Michael Oberemko

Customer Experience Manager

Kateryna Kupriyenko

Customer Experience Manager
Flamingo Support

Anna Berseneva

Customer Experience Manager

Ronen Ciperson

Customer Experience Manager

Anton Chuvinov

Customer Experience Manager

Maksym Paiuk

Head of CNC Department

Anna Ladak

Head of Loupes Department

Anna Belkin

International Shipping Manager

Alona Gordon

Head of Procurement

Natalia Osher

Quality Assurance & Regulation

Vitali Tkachov

Head Bookkeeper

Anna Okmyanskaya


Ortal Cohen

Human Resources Manager

Dima Rogan

Head of Technical Department