Introducing the NEW Admetec Orchid – Brighter. Lighter. ERGONOMIC.

Admetec’s beloved Orchid, our wired headlight series, just got better!

BACKGROUND: What is Admetec Orchid?

Orchid is the name of Admetec’s series of wired headlights for your loupes. All Orchid models provide powerful illumination in an ultra-usable, lightweight configuration.

There are 4 Orchid models:  

  1. Orchid is unusual because of its light weight and powerful lighting. Orchid generates a well-focused uniform and shadow-free round beam that provides bright white illumination. Comes with an external yellow filter for composite curing.
  2. Orchid-F is the first of its kind in the international market – its unique feature is the built-in yellow filter which prevents composite hardening. The filter is easily deployed by pressing a button located on the battery pack.
  3. Orchid-E was designed to provide a light beam with a tight circumference and increased intensity. Orchid-E is a perfect match for Ergo loupes. Includes built in composite filter.
  4. Orchid-S was designed to provide higher intensity light and comes without a yellow filter. This headlight is particularly suited for surgeons and practitioners looking for a super intense light.






We redesigned Orchid, Orchid F, and Orchid E to provide a new, improved user experience with enhanced ergonomics.

Brighter: We’ve added more LUX to provide stronger light for Orchid and Orchid F (an increase from 60,000 LUX to 80,000 LUX).

Lighter weight: More light intensity at less weight (in the light source as well as the PowerPack battery).

Ergonomic: We’ve given the new Orchid PowerPack a sleek exterior that offers enhanced ergonomics – migrating the controls to the top of the battery pack enables easy access, mid-procedure, and increased usability. The functions are the same, they are simply easier to access, reducing strain and providing a more efficient, natural, user experience.
Please noteOrchid E will be upgraded to the newer ergonomic style while retaining its current light source. In other words, the Orchid E user experience is improved with the technical specifications remaining unchanged.

Which light should I choose?

Loupes and lights are two parts of the same solution. That’s why we’ve created a guideline: How to choose the best light for your loupes.
The table above was taken from that guideline, to see the full range of considerations and technical details, please click HERE.

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