Ergo 10X TTL Loupes

Ergo 10 is an Admetec ergonomic loupe that provides ultra-pinpoint magnification for endodontists and other specialists who want to protect their back and neck while focusing on the super-fine details of their work.


  • 10x magnification makes minute details huge and easy to see
  • Ergonomic design promotes healthy posture, protecting back and neck
  • Featherweight – to attain 10x magnification it is necessary for Ergo 10’s oculars to be long. Even so, the loupes weigh just 52 grams (on MoS frames), lighter than just about every prismatic loupes in the industry
  • Do fine work, accurately, for longer periods of time without strain or pain
  • Extend your career – perform extremely detailed work, accurately, for longer periods of time without strain or pain


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We recommend using lighting with ALL our loupes. The high magnification provided by Ergo 10x increases the importance of choosing the right lighting. To simplify this we’ve created a straightforward guide to help you determine the best match: How do I choose the right headlight for my loupes?




Admetec’s Ergo loupes belong to a revolutionary new category of loupes called “ergonomic loupes.” Ergonomic loupes are based on innovative technology that sets the traditional paradigm on its head – these deflection loupes eliminate the concept of the declination angle, making it no longer necessary to look down and bend over in order to see close.


Ergonomic loupes enable the practitioner to maintain a neutral upright position, eyes relaxed, looking straight ahead – as we naturally do for most of our waking hours. Back, neck and eye strain are reduced, protecting the health and wellbeing of the practitioner and enabling more efficient work, thus also benefitting the patient.


Admetec’s Ergo loupes are sleek and ultra-lightweight. Ergo comes in 6 magnification powers: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x, 10x, with practically endless customization possibilities to match your needs, comfort, and style.

Ergo protects your health - prevents back and neck strain and pain and promotes healthy working habits.

What do doctors say about Ergo 10x?

Ergo 10x provides serious magnification! It almost eliminates the need for a microscope.

Working with Ergo 10x is similar to the experience of working with a microscope but with a few advantages. With Ergo I can orient my tools smoothly by switching my gaze between the magnification lenses to the carrier lenses and back. This eliminates the strain of disorientation and readjustment of the eyes necessary to achieve the same goal when working with a microscope – there I would have to move my entire head outside and then back into the microscope.

Most dentists will use Ergo 10x for specific tasks (rather than continuous work) such as polishing the finishing line in grinding or checking very small areas such as finding an elusive canal in a root. 

Admetec lighting is strong, balancing the effect of this high magnification well, enabling comfortable work.

Also, Ergo 10x is easy on the nose, it doesn’t feel heavy at all.


Dr. Roni Dakar DMD

Specialist in Endodontics


Examples of common technical parameters:

Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field
450mm 30mm 30mm
500mm 35mm 37mm
550mm 40mm 45mm

Magnification Power
- Ergo 10x

- 58g (with Blues Frame)

Declination Angle
- Customized to each user

Loupes Package
- Head strap
- Personalized storage case
- Cleaning cloth
- Documentation

Frame Options
- Blues Frame
- Soul Frame
- Indie Frame
- Jazz Frame
- Morriz of Sweden