Ergo 6.0X TTL Loupes

6.0x magnification is the ultimate surgical loupes for a high max definition that enlarges every single detail.

Our Ergo loupes are available in 4 magnifications power and endless customization possibilities to fit your comfort and style. Other adjustments (such as Visual Prescription etc.) can be easily implanted into your Ergo loupes.


All of our loupes are manufactured and hand-assembled in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
All loupes are customized to the individual measurements and needs of each customer.

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Examples of common technical parameters:

Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field
450mm 50mm 55mm
500mm 56mm 65mm
550mm 62mm 75mm

Magnification Power
- Ergo 6.0x

- 53g (with Blues Frame)

Declination Angle
- Customized to each user

Loupes Package
- Head strap
- Personalized storage case
- Cleaning cloth
- Documentation

Frame Options
- Blues Frame
- Soul Frame
- Indie Frame
- Jazz Frame
- Morriz of Sweden