About PowerLight Orchid-F LED Light

LED light manufactured by Admetec combines ergonomics with advanced optical technologies.

PowerLight Orchid-F is a our brand new model designed for dentists and surgeons.

PowerLight Orchid-F is a lightweight lamp for personal use. It generates

well-focused uniform and shadow-free round beam that provides bright

white illumination.

It can be easily adjusted to the loupes of the most popular brands

such as Orascoptic, Surgitel and Zeiss as well as to the loupes

manufactured by Admetec.

PowerLight set includes PowerLight and two original PowerPacks

equipped with a digital dimmer and a battery charge indicator.

Highly reliable Li-Ion Polymer batteries enable long and undisturbed

working hours.

PowerLight available in black and silver colors; PowerPack is available in black-and-white or black body.

The Anti-curing filter is built in and is controlled from the battery.

In all other technical parameters the Orchid-F is Identical to the Orchid.


Light intensity

>60,000 lx

Light source weight


LED color temp


Spot size diameter at

35mm 60mm

LED operating life


PowerPack weight


PowerPack run time (at highest intensity)


PowerPack life time

>500 recharge cycles

Charge time



16 steps