PowerLight Orchid-S LED Light

Orchid-S was designed to provide higher intensity light. Perfect for surgeons who need super-strength illumination.



  1. Lightweight – powerful illumination at a featherweight. Both the headlight on the loupes and the battery pack are streamlined for minimal weight and to support comfortable use throughout the day.
  2. Plug and play - unplug the headlight from the depleted battery pack and plug into the charged one and you are good to go. All our Orchid models come with 2 batteries per set so you can always have one that is fully charged.
  3. Compatible with most loupe frames, including those of other providers.


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What’s in the Orchid set?

  • Headlight
  • 2x Orchid Batteries
  • 1x Charging cradle + Charging cable
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Allen key
  • User Manual


Note: In India Orchid/Orchid-F/Orchid-E/Orchid-S comes with one PowerPack (battery).




Loupes and lights are two parts of the same solution. Your light needs to support your loupes and match your working style and personal preferences. To simplify this, we’ve created a straightforward guide to help you determine which Admetec light is best for your loupes: How do I choose the right headlight for my loupes?



Light intensity
- 220,000LUX

Light source weight
- 11gr

PowerPack weight
- 107gr

LED color temperature
- 5,750K

Spot size diameter at 350mm
- 55mm

Yellow filter
- External clip-on

- 32 steps

Battery run time
- 4 hrs

Charge time
- 2.5 hrs

LED operating life
- 50,000 hrs

Battery life time
- 500 recharge cycles