Progear frame

The ProGear Model.

ProgearĀ® frames are lightweight and comfortable even after long wear. Made of high quality plastic with flexible adjustable components for overall snug fit on the face. Wide lenses are covering a larger area. With variety of the frame colors to match your style.

  • Progear White/Blue
    Progear White/Blue
  • Progear Green/White
    Progear Green/White
  • Progear Gray/Red
    Progear Gray/Red
  • Progear Black
    Progear Black


Mounting Options


Loupes Options

TTL X2.5, TTL X2.7, TTL X3.2

TTL X4.0, TTL X4.8, TTL X5.5

Adjustable Features


ColorĀ Options

Black, White / Blue, Green / White, Gray / Red