TTL2.7x Loupes

Admetec’s new mini-loupes are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to use. The miniature size of this model allows for visibility above the loupes, enabling the user to see the items on the instrument table and to interact with the patient.


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Examples of common technical parameters:

Working Distance Field of View Depth of Field
350mm 90mm 90mm
400mm 100mm 110mm
450mm 110mm 135mm

Magnification Power
- TTL 2.7x

- 43g (with Blues Frame)

Declination Angle
- Customized to each user

Loupes Package
- Head strap
- Personalized storage case
- Cleaning cloth
- Documentation

Frame Options
- Blues Frame
- Soul Frame
- Indie Frame
- Jazz Frame
- Morriz of Sweden
- Bolle
- Progear