Seeing is Believing: The Role of Dental Cameras in Patient Education

As a dental practice, there are always ways of improving service and experience for patients. One of the most recent and significant advancements in dental technology is the implementation of HD cameras, whose integration into dental examinations and procedures opens up a world of possibilities for both dental professionals and patients.

How to choose the right magnification tools

Magnification loupes are becoming an integral part of dentistry, with dental students increasingly required to adopt and learn how to use them. Historically, limited choice and cost concerns have made selecting beginners’ loupes somewhat of a given.

Seeing is relieving​ (with Dr. Ho-Young Chung)

At 39, the Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada-based dentist had been practicing for a dozen years. After graduating from dental school in 2010, Dr. Chung first practiced general dentistry before deciding to shift to the referral-based implantology clinic, Kamloops Dental & Implant Solutions, that he owns and operates today.

A thank you letter from Dr. Bayardo Bolaños

“We’ve got your back” is more than just our slogan. It is one of our core values. That’s why it matters to us when doctors like Dr. Bayardo Bolaños take the time to detail their experience with Admetec.

Admetec and Andau Medical end of year wrap up 2022

Haifa, Israel – Admetec, a leader in design and manufacturing of custom-fitted magnification loupes and LED headlights for dentists, hygienists, surgeons, and veterinarians, together with Andau Medical, their North American distributor.